Topical – CBD Ointment Deep Freeze 4000mg 8oz – Value Size


Huron Hemp CBD Deep Freeze Ointment gives an even deeper relief by combining CBD with 16% Menthol and 11% Camphor for a quick cooling feeling while helping to relieve pain and inflammation.

Available in three sizes:


Are you tired of living with constant pain and discomfort? Look no further than our 4000mg Deep Freeze CBD Ointment. This powerful ointment combines the healing properties of Pure CBD with the cooling sensation of menthol and the warming effect of camphor. Say goodbye to muscle aches and inflammation with a product that is specifically designed to provide fast and effective relief.

With 4000mg of CBD packed into an 8-ounce jar, this ointment delivers potent pain relief directly to the source. The active ingredients, 16% menthol and 11% camphor, work synergistically to create a unique sensation that soothes and relaxes tired muscles.

But it doesn’t stop there – Huron Hemp Deep Freeze CBD Ointment goes above and beyond by incorporating additional essential oils such as Peppermint, Clove, Eucalyptus, Jojoba, and Tea Tree Oil. These oils not only promote skin health but also enhance the ointment’s pain-relieving properties.


  • Available in three sizes – 1 ounce, 2 ounces, and the value size 8-ounce jar – The value size jar offers incredible savings at only $36.25 per ounce!
  • Pure CBD Extract
  • Essential Oils – Peppermint, Clove, Eucalyptus, Jojoba, & Tea Tree


Don’t let pain hold you back any longer. Take control of your well-being with our 4000mg Deep Freeze CBD Ointment. Discover the power of Pure CBD, menthol, and camphor combined in a formula that’s designed to bring you the relief you deserve. Say goodbye to pain and hello to a life filled with comfort and freedom. Try Huron Hemp Deep Freeze CBD Ointment today.


What is Pure CBD?

Pure CBD is the most refined and purest version of hemp derived CBD products. There are no other cannabinoids present like THC, CBG, CBN, etc. that come from the hemp plant. This type of product is ideal if you have any drug testing concerns.

Huron Hemp third party lab tests all of their products for quality assurance and to guarantee potency.

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