CBD Flower - Hawaiian Haze


Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower is a cross breed between Hawaiian and Haze genetics giving off an elevated and sociable experience.


Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower is a sativa dominant strain, with true sativa characteristics giving the user an uplifted, focused experience. Bred from a mix of Hawaiian and Haze genetics, these buds are packed with cannabinoids. Many users experience feeling elevated, sociable, and talkative, perfect for daytime use. Hawaiian Haze’s floral aroma and subtle notes of tropical fruit will inspire your day.

User effects: Uplifting, focused, motivated but relaxed.

Terpene profile: Limonene, B Caryophyllene, B Myrcene, A-Pinene, Guaiol, A-Humulene, A-Bisabolol

Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flowers contains 20.36% total cannabinoids


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